Bob Moore Construction - the premier general contractor and construction manager in Dallas, Ft. Worth and north Texas.Bob Moore Construction - the premier general contractor and construction manager in Dallas, Ft. Worth and north Texas.

About Bob Moore Construction, Inc.

Company history

An early steel building by Bob Moore Construction - completed in budget, on time.August, 1946: The temperature soared into the nineties as a blistering Texas Panhandle sun burned down on the curved metal roof of the quonset hut. Bob Moore and his crew tightened the last screw, rolled up the remaining tools and officially completed the first Bob Moore Construction project . . . in budget, on time.

With that simple Quonset hut began a legacy that has spanned six decades, extended from coast to coast, and includes a billion dollars worth of high quality construction projects for some of the best known companies in the United States.

The first quonset hut led to another project for Bob, and another after that. Soon, his business grew from grain storage buildings to office/showrooms all over North Texas. Over the years Bob expanded his company's capabilities into increasingly larger and more complex projects, into the world of industrial, retail and office buildings.

Building through the years

As Bob Moore Construction expanded in the 1960s, son Mike officially joined the company. Although he had grown up around the family business and knew it well, he started as a member of the construction crew. "Learn it from the ground up, learn it right," Bob told his son, "and always finish the job on budget, on time!"

In the late 1960s and into the 1970s Bob Moore Construction made rapid improvements and substantially grew their business. They became the largest representative in the United States for A & S Building Systems, a respected steel building manufacturer. Bob recognized early on that tilt-up construction was becoming the preferred construction process for large buildings and moved their business in that direction. In the late 1970s they became a builder for Butler Buildings and quickly became one of Butler’s largest volume builders in the entire Southwest region of the United States.

By the end of the 1970s, the company had outgrown its Grand Prairie location. In 1982, Bob Moore Construction broke ground on its dramatic new corporate office in Arlington, the cross center of Dallas/Fort Worth, and another growth era was born.

During these years Bob Moore Construction added more industry leaders to their organization, such as Jim Peeples from A & S Building Systems, Danny Butler (who would later own Butler Construction) and Phillip Bell, the former National Sales Manager for Atlantic Steel.

These dynamic individuals came together to move the company into a new level of capabilities, perfecting the techniques for tilt-up construction that has become the preferred method for building warehouses and distribution centers today. During the 1980s Bob Moore Construction recruited Jay Hedges from Butler Manufacturing and started Pyramid Building Systems of Fort Worth. This new company fullfilled the role of handling smaller projects, allowing Bob Moore Construction to focus on larger buildings.

In the 1980s the company gave up its Butler franchise to concentrate on large conventional buildings that utilized single ply and built-up roofs. The change in focus reflected the company's growth, moving to ever larger and more dramatic capabilities, and permitted Bob Moore Construction to cross the threshold into projects larger than 500,000 square feet.

In 1986, Mike Moore was named President of the company. In 1997, Mike assumed the role as Chief Executive Officer for the company, and Phillip Bell moved into the position as President. Ed McGuire, Vice President of Construction, was named a partner in the company in 2004, and is preparing for his Presidency in the future.

In budget, on time - the legacy of quality construction continues

Bob Moore Construction's leadership team
The leadership team for Bob Moore Construction: Mike Moore, CEO; Bob Moore, Founder; Ed McGuire, VP of Construction; and Phillip Bell, President.

Over the years, Bob Moore Construction has continued its steady ascension to its place as one of the most prolific and highly respected general contractors and construction managers in north Texas. The company has aggressively embraced advancements in technology, implementing computer systems, software applications, even the Internet, to enhance their responsiveness, precision and quality of service. Their team is comprised of the industry's top professionals and leaders, carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, and customer-focused approach to doing business.

With that blend of skills and technology, the company is able to manage virtually any project. They can deliver a simple steel building or small warehouse, or the most sophisticated manufacturing facility with exacting security or clean-room requirements. Bob Moore Construction has the capabilities to create a quality building that meets or exceeds their client's expectations, regardless the requirements.

The key to Bob Moore Construction's success is not the technology, knowledge or experience, however. The basis for the company's enduring success goes all the way back to that west Texas quonset hut in 1946. Delivering a quality product, on time and in budget, has been Bob Moore Construction's priority from their very first building. That priority has been the true foundation of every building they've constructed.

Thanks to that philosophy, some of the most respected developers in the country trust Bob Moore Construction time after time; over half the company's business each year comes from existing clients. When experienced developers need a general contractor they can trust for multi-million dollar projects, they return to Bob Moore Construction - because they know the company delivers quality, in budget and on time.

Bob Moore Construction - the premier general contractor and construction manager in Dallas, Ft. Worth and north Texas.
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